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Aquamarine The Sailor's Gem
Aquamarine is truly a breathtaking gemstone. It has an interesting history and even more interesting lore behind it. Aquamarine is the Latin word for “seawater”, which directly correlates to how the stone was used as well as its origin. It was named “the sailor’s gem” because long ago, Greek sailors would bring the stone on board while they were at sea. They believed it would appease Poseidon, the sea god, and in turn would calm any rough waters and keep them safe during their journeys. Besides the ancient Greeks utilizing Aquamarine, ancient Egyptians wore them as amulets and would place them in pharaohs’ tombs to help them pass safely into the afterlife. The tombs would be put on boats and would pass through the underworld. With all of the history and lore behind Aquamarine, it really is a stone of safety, renewal, and calmness!

This piece is made with 8mm faceted Aquamarine stones with Austrian precision cut crystals in the same shade to give it extra sparkle. Starfish center piece and Sterling Silver clasp. Can be ordered without starfish if needed.