Mothers Day Reflections

Posted by Laura Moore on

On this Mother’s Day, I hope we get to put our feet up. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking about moms and all of the roles we wear every day. It makes me feel thankful…but it also make me tired! One of my main roles is as a “Mompreneur,” and that is especially relevant on this holiday as it’s one of my busiest workwise, but also meaningful personally. How do I strive to maintain balance through it all?

“Mompreneur.” It’s society’s word for us moms who are “female business owners actively balancing the role of mom and entrepreneur.” Society has come up with the phrase, but it’s up to us to define what it ACTUALLY means in our day-to day life.

I decided to quit my full time job when I was pregnant with my daughter and give owning my own business a try. It has allowed me to earn income and be a stay at home mom. It hasn’t been easy and I work all sorts of odd hours, but the flexibility has been more than worth it. Now, with the kids being a little older, I can start to grow the business and enjoy what I have created. My children see me being productive, note the attention I sometimes get for my work and are proud of me. What a great feeling! I find balance in my life by taking small breaks during the day, I usually do a group exercise class while the kids are at school or go out for some quick retail therapy.

Just like moms, jewelry has many roles. There are days where I feel certain pieces - images I want to project when I layer on a specific necklace or bracelet.  Do you have a fierce necklace you always wear to a business meeting, or a bold bracelet you enjoy on a date night?

This Mother’s Day, enjoy all of your roles. But, also put your feet up and wear your amazing jewelry pieces JUST FOR YOURSELF!


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