A Visit with the First Lady

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It all started when I went out to get the mail and found a copy of “Looking Good” Magazine in the mailbox. Much to my surprise, the First Lady of Maryland, Yumi Hogan, was featured on the cover in a beautiful aqua dress and... one of my necklaces! The stranger thing was that I don't subscribe to the magazine, it was misdelivered from my neighbor.

I decided to contact the First Lady's office and find out how and when she acquired the piece. It turns out she purchased it about ten years ago through a mutual friend. She was very excited that I called because she lost the matching bracelet after dinner a number of years ago, and asked that I make her a replacement.

We tried to arrange a lunch with our mutual friend at a restaurant downtown and after some schedule shuffling back and forth, the First Lady ended up inviting me to the Government House for tea. She also asked me to show her a few other pieces.

It was a lovely day for tea with the First Lady. I came in and her assistant showed me around the public section of the house and pointed out fabric that Mrs. Hogan had chosen. The house is beautiful and open for public tours. I met Mrs. Hogan in the pink Victorian sitting room, her favorite. Mrs. Hogan pointed out that we matched, as we were wearing very similar outfits... short red dresses. Our meeting went well and she was nice enough to have our picture taken. She even chose the artwork to use as the background, which complimented our outfits perfectly! It was truly a wonderful experience and great opportunity for me. I look forward to seeing her in the future.

Featured below:

First Lady Yumi Hogan and Laura Moore

White Keishi Freshwater Pearl, Precision Cut Crystal, Sterling Silver Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings


First Lady Yumi Hogan

Cover, Looking Good Annapolis Magazine

Vintage Swarvovski and Sterling Silver Necklace “The Agnes”


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