Local by Design is Open!

Posted by Laura Moore on

What's new you ask? A group of local artists have just opened a new store called Local By Design. Where is it? Downtown Annapolis right on Main Street.

What? Yes. Really. This is the reaction we've been getting.

Local by Design is located at 109 Main Street, right next to the town favorite O'Brien's Oyster Bar. This is a great location and a very exciting endeavor for me. I do over 30 art shows per year and the number one question I get asked is, “Where's your shop?” I lower my head and say, “Well... I do art shows, have my own Web site, home parties and private appointments.” Well not anymore!

It feels so good to be able to say that I have a full selection of my best selling jewelry and wire-wrapping right downtown. It's also an excellent opportunity to collaborate with Annapolis' best and brightest creative thinkers, and do'ers for that matter. We will be having lots of special events so stay tuned and by all means, please stop by the store.














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